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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Fair Trade Month

5 easy ways to celebrate fair trade

This October is the 12th annual Fair Trade Month, which is a great opportunity to bring awareness to the fair trade movement and support fair trade businesses and the farmers and artisans they employ. While most of us support fair trade in theory, actually supporting fair trade in your day to day can be more challenging.

Habits, prices, and perceptions can make buying the conventional versions of goods your go-to. But supporting fair trade can be easy and affordable, and most importantly, make a huge impact on human lives and communities the world over.

Here are 5 easy ways to incorporate fair trade into your daily routine and celebrate Fair Trade Month:

1. Buy 1 Fair Trade Food Product

Next time you are in the grocery store, make a commitment to reach for one fair trade item in place of the conventional one. Coffee and bananas are two common and affordable products to swap out, although everything from spices to wine can be bought fair trade.

2. Trick or (Fair Trade) Treat

This Halloween, swap out big-brand candy for fair trade treats. Especially in light of reports of widespread child labor practices on cocoa farms, choosing fair trade is the only way to ensure your chocolate bar was sourced ethically. The Natural Candy Store and Trader Joe’s have great selections of fair trade sweets.

3. Choose a Fair Trade Gift

When seeking a birthday gift for that special Scorpio, look for fair trade retail shops or brands. Green America has a directory of retail shops all over the US or simply Google “fair trade + city” and see what you come up with!

4. Post about #fairtrade on social media

Spread the word about fair trade in the easiest and most viral way: through your social media accounts! Simply post about how you are supporting fair trade, or share your favorite fair trade product or brand with your social networks using hashtags #fairtrade, #fairtrademonth and/or #celebratefairtrade.

5. Layer up for fall in fair trade fashion

With the global garment industry being one of the worst in terms of low wages, human rights abuses and environmental degradation, making conscious choices around your closet can make a huge impact. No need to do an overhaul of your entire wardrobe but making just one of your seasonal purchases a fair trade one is a great place to start. Another great place to start is The Good Trade’s article “30 Fair Trade Brands that are Betting Against Fast Fashion.” 

For our part, we are going to be celebrating all throughout the month with flash sales and special features. Stay tuned for heavily discounting items … supporting fair trade made simple!


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