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An homage to the Zapotec Woman

We asked Maria Luisa the significance behind her “Dusky Sky” Gloria Tote. 
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It’s a long story …

You know that MZ has many bag styles with the Zapotec God’s Eye, the Ojo de Dios, which signifies wisdom and the divine in the image of the human male.

This Zapotec diamond has a delicate but strong form, like a woman. A woman is born with an “extra energy” to be able to give life, to transform it, and she knows that all that has life also has the divine essence. The diamond depicts the three stages of life: innocent childhood, learning adolescence and the wisdom of adulthood. There is a line that divides the figure signifying that we are both the body and the spirit.

The background blue color indicates fertility and abundance, like the water of the sea that has no end. The arrows in earth colors signify being in harmony with nature.

The black color around the diamond is like the rebozo, the large woven scarf that a woman wears all her life. The classic Zapotec rebozo is black with tiny figures in it like eyes. When she is in love the couple will hide in the rebozo to kiss, when she gets married she wears it, when she is a mother she uses it to carry her baby, it is worn on the head when she talk to God in church and finally, when she dies, she will be be wearing her rebozo.

This bag is all this … the Zapotec woman.

Maria Luisa with her husband Jose Luis

Maria Luisa with her husband Jose Luis

Learn more about Maria Luisa on her artisan page on our website, or check out the details of the beautiful bag. 

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