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Artisan Profile: Graciela

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to the MZ team of designers.


Graciela beams as she show off her woven work inside her dimly lit brick home on the outskirts of Teotiltan del Valle. She is a young mother with an adoring family that gather around her like a magnet. And with her bright eyes, sweet smile and warm, gentle demeanor, it’s clear that she has that attractive quality.

Graciela and her husband Cenon are proud parents to their three children, David, 11, Benjamin, who is 4, and little 2-year-old Graciela, who they call Gracie.

When Graciela was 8-years-old her parents taught her the first steps in the weaving process: cleaning the wool, carding it, and preparing the shuttle for the loom. By the age of 10 she was weaving simple patterns that became increasingly more complex as she got older, her work propelled by a natural enthusiasm and desire to lean more. Starting with stripes, she advanced to grecas, and arrows.

“My mission has always been to do new things. Changing the style … innovating. But not forgetting the original designs, the designs of our ancestors.”

The whole family works together. Cenon helps her with combining the colors and designing, David helps prepare the shuttles for the loom, while little Benjamin cleans the woven tapete to rid it of any debris from the wool. It’s important to her to pass on the ancient knowledge of weaving to her children.

Graciela says she is excited to start working with MZ for an opportunity to share her work beyond the village.

“Our dream has always been to have the world know our art.”

In addition to her skill in weaving, Graciela’s outlook is why she is such a good fit for MZ. Rooted in tradition, with respect the ancient ways, but with a knack for innovation and mind open to new possibilities.

“Above all, our mission is to make unique pieces. When people buy a piece of ours, it’s the designs of our ancestors, but also something new.”

We couldn’t agree more.


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