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We caught up with Marissa and Dylan, who own the sweet boutique Belvidere & Hern in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado to talk southwest aesthetic, ethical consumerism and maybe just a little about love … Belvidere & Hern Marissa: Our shop stocks a small but well-curated selection of high quality gift items, with an emphasis on leather goods. All of our products are either made by small independent producers, made in the USA, or fair trade. We see ourselves as a place for customers to come relax, have a uniquely enjoyable shopping experience, and find the perfect gift (or something for themselves!). Everything that we carry is something we ourselves love or have at home, so we’re comfortable backing each and every product.


Our aesthetic is mostly inspired by the beautiful products we carry! Overall, the store has a Southwestern aesthetic, and a bright, warm feel to it. We almost want it to feel like you’re walking into your stylish designer-friend’s house, that one who always has the coolest little things lying around to pick up and admire.

belvidere & hern

We are super excited to be carrying a new line of DIY barware, including a make-your-own gin kit, airplane carry-on cocktail kit, and barrel-aging kit for whiskey. We also just started carrying handmade leather wallets; it took us months to find a product we liked, and they are absolutely gorgeous. We’re also excited to be introducing a whole section of cards to the store. As back story, we the owners (Dylan and Marissa) are dating. Ever since we met, I (Marissa) have given Dylan a card every month, usually one that’s kind of funny and cheeky. Now we’ve come full circle and are carrying the same cards at our own store, which is so fun for us!

Belvidere & Hern


We see ourselves not only as retailers trying to make money; we see ourselves as providing opportunities for companies or individuals who deserve to make a living through their products. For example, we just started carrying leather shoes handmade by a young man in Greece. They are better quality than anything you could find from a mass-producer, and our purchase allows this man to keep doing what he is doing. He helps us, we help him, and the customers make it all happen by shopping with us. This is what keeps us motivated every day!


We found out about Manos Zapotecas while working as wholesalers for a company that now provides us with product. We thought the bags were gorgeous and unique from afar, and once we learned the story behind them, we knew they had to be part of our business. Manos bags make up a large part of our inventory and fit in perfectly with the aesthetic and values of our shop.

belvidere & hern

By shopping at small stores like ours, you’re making a direct impact on dozens of lives. The best part about being a retailer is knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of your wholesalers. The second best part about being a retailer is when your customers find that perfect thing they never knew they needed but were so happy to find.

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