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Creating the Fall 2015 Collection

We caught up with MZ Style Coordinator Sam to talk to her about the process of creating the latest seasonal line with the artisans in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Style Coordinator Sam Wattson

Style Coordinator Sam Wattson

MZ: What was the color inspiration for Fall 2015? Sam: We were thrilled to see burgundy in the colors trending for fall, as reds are such prominent color in Teotitlan. Red has been used in Zapotec culture for almost 1000 years through the cultivation of the cochineal bug. This fall, red drove the collection.

The cochineal bug being ground for a brilliant red dye.

The cochineal bug being ground for a brilliant red dye.

MZ: Where did the initial inspiration for new designs from this line come from?

This fall we got a lot of inspiration from browsing Pinterest. We’d crowd around the computer and browse different design pages. Everything from fashion, to interior design, to street art. It was a nice brainstorming opportunity and it helped to refresh the way we look at the traditional Zapotec designs.

MZ: What sets this one apart from previous collections?

I think this line was the perfect combination of new designs merging with old favorites.

MZ: What are challenges of creating new lines, and what is rewarding?

Planning for fall went so quickly. A week after we finished up spring, we were sitting around Josefina’s kitchen table ready to start planning for the next season. I remember one of the weavers saying, “But I haven’t even started production on spring yet!” It’s a challenge to keep everyone motivated and inspired throughout the process. Especially when fall seems so far away in March. This was only our third seasonal line, and so there are a lot of new challenges that go along with producing something in unison with the team. At the end of producing the fall line, we could step back and look at everything we accomplished. Especially for the weavers, that feeling is the most rewarding. Especially since the bags are so beautiful

Sam, with Ludavina and Malena

Sam, with Ludavina and Malena

MZ: Which is a one of your favorite new product and why?

I love colors of the ‘Blood Moon’ Lupita; the burgundy and bright red-orange combine so well. The design of of the ‘Shadow’ Palomita turned out perfectly. And I love how the large pattern of our new duffel, ‘Crystal,’ keeps it bold without being busy.

'Shadow' Palomita

‘Shadow’ Palomita

Stay tuned! Next up, we’ll hear from the weavers.

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