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Fair Trade Feature: The Base Project

We love to bring attention to other companies that support communities while creating superior products and today we wanted to give a shoutout to The Base Project.

The Base Project, a fellow Fair Trade Federation member, had a editorial spread on the front page of The Namibian last week, which in Namibia’s leading newspaper. This is especially significant because it bestows local recognition on the artisans who make the beautiful up-cycled bracelets for the company. In addition to financial independence and improved living standards, pride is often one of the most valuable things that Fair Trade offers to the producers.

The Base Project partners with local artisans to design and produce locally-sourced, eco-friendly fashion at fair trade prices and then donates a percentage of the profits to community development projects in the areas in which they work. Their project in Namibia employs local artisans to hand-carve up-cycled bracelets made from discarded plastic pipes. The bracelets’ unique coloring is a combined result of organic sun exposure and the deep red ochre-tinted soil. The aesthetic is comparable to bone or horn, but no animals are harmed in the process. Inspiration for the designs come from the wildlife, landscape, and rich tribal history of the region.

For more information of how The Base Project is helping build rural communities in Namibia, check out the full article here. 

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