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Fair Trade Federation Conference


Almost our entire team had the opportunity to get together for the annual Fair Trade Federation Conference that was held in Del Mar, California last week. For a far-flung group, it was great to be able to be in the same room together. Even more than that, we had the opportunity at the conference to share the space with so many other inspiring, like-minded companies.

Sometimes the day-to-day of working in fair trade can be lonely. Manos Zapotecas employees are spread across the western US and Mexico, and we operate in a world comprised of largely conventional business models. A world that values the bottom line above all, where humans are worth less than the product, and where the phrase, “It’s business, not personal” reigns supreme.

Well, for MZ, and for all the other FTF members, business IS personal. We value the humans behind the products higher than the profits themselves. We see business as a means to improve the lives, not just to line pockets. It was refreshing and motivating to connect with individuals and companies that are using the same principles to guide their businesses.

fair trade federation conference

We are so grateful to have the support and network of this community that is constantly raising the bar for what it means to be “fair trade.”

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