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Fair Tuesday

As the bustle of the American consumer holiday that follows Thanksgiving comes to celebrate Fair Tuesday by honoring the weavers are the heart and backbone of everything we do. Today, we selected 3 women we want to mention: Rocío, Maria Luisa and Josefina. These women, who are related through brothers and husbands, enjoy the close kinship of sister-in-laws as well as co-workers and friends.

Rocio, with Liz and Josefina

Rocio, with Liz and Josefina

Rocio learned the art of textile dyeing and weaving from her mother, beginning to work with yarn at the age of six and starting to weave at about 13. She began working in the family business after school and on holidays, and still credits her mother with motivating her to keep changing and improving her weaving creations.

Rocio is a true artist who loves the creativity of combining colors and patterns in new ways, as well as a skilled seamstress whose purse linings, zippers and leather straps are near perfect work. She says she thoroughly enjoys the process of design from first thought to final product, especially creating new color combinations and purse designs.

“Sometimes economic resources limit what we can do because the materials would be too expensive to make something that’s in my head, “ she says. “But weaving is a beautiful and noble work that allows me to care for my kids but still fulfill my dream of being creative. It’s what I love to do.”

Maria Luisa with her husband Jose Luis

Maria Luisa with her husband Jose Luis

Maria Luisa comes from a family of four generations of weavers, and is the sister of Manos Zapotecas weavers Paco and Omar. She and her husband José Luis have two sons, the younger one in high school and the older one an accounting student at the University of Oaxaca.

“Above all, I want to make sure that our sons get an education,” she says. “We want them to become professionals who can do any kind of work that they want.”

Though Maria Luisa enjoys every part of the weaving process, it’s combining colors that really makes her artistic heart sing. “Weaving is our life now,” she says, “and it is a life full of color.”


Josefina came from a family of farmers and began to weave when she married. “I forget the world when I begin to dye the colors,” she says. “The colors are never the same and it’s interesting every time.”

Josefina also loves to sew and create purses, cosmetic bags and pillow covers, as well as weave in wool. Once a secretary in a governmental agency, she dreams of someday being a successful businesswoman in her own right and creating her own line of purses and pillow covers.

Paco and Josefina are the parents of four children: Jessy, Paco, Porfirio and María José, who at six just started school this year. The couple hopes that their children will be happy according to what each has been given; the whole family gives loving attention to son Paco, who is mentally disabled. “Having a son with disabilities,” says Josefina, “has taught us unconditional love.”

These three women collectively named our best-selling bag: the Gloria Tote. We are offering 40% OFF all Gloria Totes for Fair Tuesday in honor of them.

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