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Gratitude through Generations

In my mind there exists a memory of when I was very small. I remember that the first thing my parents did upon waking was to face the direction where the sun was rising and cross themselves with much fervor. I asked them why they did this and they told me it was to offer thanks to God for the power to live and contemplate the light of a new day.

I remember that ever since we were small this sentiment of gratitude was instilled into my siblings and I. As I grew older I began to understand the meaning of giving thanks; to give thanks after receiving and sharing food with my family, to give thanks when someone dedicated a moment of their attention to me, or just to say thank you when someone told me “bless you” after I sneezed.

I think gratitude has a very significant value by giving us the opportunity to be more human, to have the ability to recognize that there is more than one reason for be thankful. In my case, every day I thank the Creator for giving me the opportunity of touching my chest to feel my heart beating and know that I am alive.

I give thanks for having grown alongside my siblings within a beautiful family, and today thanks to the example of my parents and the support of my wife, I am  trying to pass on to our children the best way to preserve those values ​​that make good people. Of course, I give thanks for having a beautiful family, above all.

There will always be reasons to give thanks, we just have to take a moment and realize that those reasons are there. Thank you very much .

Paco Santiago.

Paco, with his wife Josefina

Paco, with his wife Josefina

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