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I Confess, I’m a Grinch

Christmas used to be a BIG DEAL for our family, at least when we had little kids. We lived in the mountains and had a huge tree every year that touched the cathedral ceiling, sagging with lights and ornaments. There were garlands, candles, and gingerbread houses made by the kids in school. There was the annual Christmas letter with appropriate humor about the family happenings for the year. There were mountains of wrapped gifts, fabulous holiday meals for extended family, and even Christmas cookies.

Suddenly the kids were older and it dawned on me that I didn’t have to do this anymore! The Christmas letter came later and later until it became a spring letter and then vanished all together. The giant Christmas tree quit appearing along with the other decorations. The mountain of wrapped gifts became much smaller and simpler, and the meals – well they’re still pretty good, if less elaborate. And I could care less if I never see another Christmas cookie.

The family still enjoys getting together at Christmas, if we happen to be in the same part of the world, but we’ve all become Grinches as far as traditions are concerned. It’s really quite liberating to be a Grinch.


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