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I Don’t Believe in Chance

Do you sometimes feel that you ended up somewhere just by chance? If you look at how and why I founded Manos Zapotecas, you might think it was only by chance, that it was all about being in the right place at the right time. I think, rather, that it was all quite deliberate, even if I didn’t totally know it beforehand.

I’m at the age when most people retire, 65 in October. My past studies and employment have been mostly about social service. I’ve always loved travel and adventure, both in other countries and in the wilderness. My resume includes owning a whitewater rafting business and teaching ropes course challenges. I’ve always enjoyed foreign cultures and languages, and decided, at the age of 50, to become fluent in Spanish. Doesn’t all this seem like fertile ground for starting a fair trade business in Mexico?

Manos Zapotecas is the biggest challenge of my life, and feels like the culmination of everything I’ve ever done. It is becoming successful because all of the experiences that have shaped me, not to mention the awesome team of people who help to make it happen on both sides of the border. For me this company has never been about chance, it’s instead about a plan for greatness. Best thing I’ve ever done!


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