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Just another day in Teotitlan

So here I am in Oaxaca again, going at my usual high velocity American pace, trying to get 1000 things done in a few days. But somehow when I go to the ancient village of Teotitlan where our weavers live, everything changes. I’m transported to a slower-paced time and place, where traditions from centuries ago are still a major part of daily life.

Yesterday I stopped in to see Enedina and her mother Juana who is now 80-years-old and still weaving up a storm. On this day, Juana happened to be sitting with two friends in an  upstairs open air balcony, shelling cacao seeds into baskets. These would later be ground by hand into cocoa powder to make chocolate.


The ladies were talking and laughing while they worked, which of course made it seem like no work at all. I sat and chatted with them, and they brought me into their circle as if I had been their friend for decades. Occasionally they spoke to each other in the beautiful, lilting native Zapotec language, and laughed when I told them I was planning to learn Zapotec in my next lifetime.


I left after awhile, my heart and soul replenished with the love and friendship that I always find in the village. My walking pace slowed a bit after that, and I became more aware of my surroundings, less living inside my own head. Want to come with me next time?

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