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Life on the Road

Is this Friday? Where am I?I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve recently met many people who are on the road WAY more than I am. For example, the exhibitor who had her booth across from us the past few days at the Las Vegas Women’s Wear in Nevada show said that she does 30 shows a year! So she’s definitely traveling more than she is home.However, this is all pretty new to me. I’ve always loved to travel, but the number of promotional shows around the western US of late has been pretty dizzying. I often wake up wondering where the heck I am. Yesterday I woke up in Las Vegas, talked all day to customers and other vendors, tore down the booth at the end of the day, and climbed on a plane for Denver. This morning I’m pretty sure that’s where I am. And glad to be here so that I can help Laura, our Denver sales representative, get MZ products arranged in her show room. Later today I travel back home to Oceanside.

It’s all about sales, but more than that, it’s all about promoting the beautiful products made by the weavers. What makes these shows worthwhile is not the amount of goods sold but the reactions of people who start to walk past our booth, do a double take, and walk backward to take a closer look. “Your bags are so beautiful,” is often what we hear. “Stunning, Incredible!” I never really have to do any selling on these trips. The bags speak for themselves.


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