' MZ Gift Guide: Western-Inspired

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MZ Gift Guide: Western-Inspired

MZ Gift Guide: Western-Inspired

Invite that Wild West style into your wardrobe or space with our favorite western-inspired gifts. From bold colored bags, to arrow-motifs, these selects pulled from our trove of woven offerings, plus other ethical brands, will make your cowboy or girl very happy this holiday season.


  1. Milk Jar Candle Co Woodland 10oz
  2. Sseko Wonder Cuff in Brass
  3. Stansberry Velvet Skinny Neck Scarf in Gold
  4. Tribe Alive Leather Wrap Journal
  5. MZ Flame Wool Rug
  6. Equal Uprise Traditional Fedora in Olive
  7. LACAUSA Jane Jacket in Scout
  8. MZ Lightning + Corn Gloria Tote  

 Happy Holidays! 

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