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National Coffee Day


national coffee day

It’s National Coffee Day. As if you needed another reason to jumpstart your Monday with that second cup  …

Some fast food chains are giving out free cups of coffee to celebrate but we wanted to suggest you take a more thoughtful approach to appreciating the beloved beverage.

Today, over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year, putting it at a world commodity second only to oil. They power we hold as consumers can make a huge impact on the coffee industry. So who are we supporting though purchasing beans and cups at cafes? McDonalds and Dunkin’ Donuts, or farmers in Mexico, Colombia, Ethiopia ..?

The most impactful fair trade coffee brands have one main goal that drives their business: to make sure the lives of the farmers they work with are actually improved by their partnership.

These values include forming mutually beneficial relationships with cooperatives that extend beyond basic business exchanges and encourage growth for farmers—prioritizing community development, fair wages, and better access to markets with fewer middle men. This is a rare practice in the coffee industry, where brands don’t often work directly with farmers and tend to hold an unfair majority of the decision-making and price-setting power.

– Fair Trade Federation

With a huge number of coffee brands choosing to practice fair trade principles, you can be sure to find one you love and love to support.

The Fair Trade Federation offers a search engine tool for seeking out fair trade shops and cafes in your area.

Also, check out this huge list of fair trade coffee brands from Fair Trade USA.



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