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Oaxaca in Sepia

It is no secret the beauty that I find manifest in Oaxaca. It is a visceral place that begs to be experienced. Not only seen, but felt and breathed in. Photography is a poor substitute, but these are some of the pictures that keep me going in between trips to this wanderlust worthy locale.

A view of Santo Domingo Cathedral in Oaxaca.


Fountain in Parque Llano.


Church at Mitla Ruins

Plants in Mitla.

A section of the Mitla ruins.

Street light in the Zocalo. Oaxaca City.


View from out door restaurant near Santo Domingo.


Cacti in Teotitlan.

View of Teotitlan del Valle.


Patio in the home of a weaver.

Window in the Mitla Ruins.

Santo Domingo Cathedral.

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