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On the road with MZ

The MZ staff is so excited to welcome our first ever intern to our team! We threw a few bags Natalie’s way as a crash course in getting to know our brand and she took them on a journey from Oaxaca to Tulum, Mexico.


Hi! I’m Natalie, from Seattle, Washington, and I’ve recently moved to Oaxaca to follow my love of textiles and immerse myself in the Spanish language. Through these pursuits, I’ve connected with the team at Manos Zapotecas, who have welcomed me as their new Social Media Marketing Intern.

I was lucky enough to bring a few of the purses along with me on my holiday vacation to Tulum. This trip has given me an opportunity to experience firsthand what different occasions each purse is particularly good for, and as a lover of photography, I was excited to shoot such beautiful bags along the way!


The ‘Straight as an Arrow’ Alis Shoulder Bag is a unique and simple piece; great for travel or heading out to work. I could fit my laptop, jacket, and any other necessities for carry on luggage, a day at the cafe, or a picnic.


The ‘Cielo’ Adelita Crossbody Purse is great for adding a pop of color to your day! While it’s lightweight and petite, it still fits your must-haves. Great for a dinner date or a day spent shopping around town.


The ‘Labyrinth’ Palomita Fringe Bag has been my personal favorite so far. The black and white design with the red detail seems to go with just about everything. Toss in the perfect amount of fringe and you’ve got an everyday statement piece, without being too outlandish.

One of the best parts to me is that all of these bags are comfortable and can be dressed up or down. The cherry on top is knowing that the overall quality of any Manos Zapotecas bag is durable and long-lasting because they are handwoven from wool. I’m looking forward to getting to learn more about the process and people behind these beautiful bags working with such a creative and impactful company.


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