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Prismatic Maria Bucket Tote

prismatic maria bucket tote

The ‘Prismatic’ Maria Bucket Tote is a perfect carryall for spring. This bright, statement bag was handwoven by Malena, one of the MZ master designers and weavers that is behind the creation of many of our bestselling bags.

Our Spring 2015 Collection originated as a color palette, which was conceived by our Style Coordinator in Oaxaca, Samantha.

spring 2015Many weavers got together to hand-dye the yarn in groups. Traditionally, each weaver would dye his or her own yarn in small batches, according to their own tastes. While process of creating MZ bags is still very individual (weavers create their own designs and weave the bag on their own), this is one of the places that teamwork helps ensure consistency, and alleviates some of the work for everyone.

dying yarn

dying yarn

Malena says that says her design inspirations come from the colors she is able to produce by mixing the dye colors, as well as the ancient patterns. Part of her motivation is to make sure that the old designs never die.

prismatic maria bucket tote

Malena first creates the design on pen and paper and then draws the pattern onto the warp strings of a bipedal loom. She weaves two small tapetes (shown above) and then sews them together in to the form of the bag. The bag is then brought to a nearby town when a dedicated leather worker adds the leather handles and then returns it to Malena. She finished it by sewing the lining and then meticulously cleans the wool with tweezers to ensure that is is in perfect condition, before signing her name and shipping it out.

manos zapotecas

We are celebrating the onset of spring by giving away the ‘Prismatic Maria Bucket Tote’ on Facebook! 




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