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Put a plant in it

As a rambling sort of individual I’ve always had to balance my desire to wander the earth with an incessant urge to nest. This means lots of unframed art, rock collections and potted plants that I often dump on others to water for extended periods of time.

When living and traveling through Mexico I was enamored by the many creative containers that plants would inhabit. Patios and balconies jam-packed with terra cotta and former milk-jug planters. Rooftops with pallet gardens and ceilings thick with hanging plants.



I came across a couple great projects in Oaxaca exploring creative urban and container gardening.

Matria is a stunning blend of design and urban gardening nestled in the heart of Oaxaca in a formerly abandoned building. Matria exists to convert urban spaces in disuse into functional gardens to raise interest and awareness around art and the environment.






Biohuacal is a family business dedicated to growing edibles according to the principles of permaculture, with a focus on creating small potted garden that blend nature harmoniously with the home.




For someone with limited time and/or space, container gardening is a great way to bring a piece of nature into your home.

Check out this post on the Apartment Therapy blog to get started.

And follow Life on the Balcony for continued inspiration.










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