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Spring 2015 Collection


Our Spring 2015 Collection will be Manos Zapotecas’ second seasonal line.

Creating the spring line was a very collaborate process with the weavers from start to finish. Two weeks after finishing the fall line, we found ourselves huddled around a computer looking over colors and trends for Spring 2015.


Once we decided on a color palate, we got together to dye the wool en masse. It was the first time the weavers had worked together in this way, as dying the wool is usually an individual process that reflects personal preference.


It was great watching them deliberate over how to get the colors just right, as they added a bit of this and a touch of that to the caldron, like a witches brew.

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The colors of the spring line are quite light and soft for MZ. Wool can be heavy, and while the models and designs of the bags make them desirable for any season, we really wanted the fresh colors of spring to give the wool more breath.


The truly exciting part of collaborating with the weavers to create these new lines, is watching them grow as artists, to push the boundary of what they thought they were capable of.


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