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Staff Pick: The ‘Desert Rain’ Gloria Tote

For the next five weeks, the MZ staff will be sharing with you our favorite bags and offering a short sale on the model of the week. Each member of our team will select their best bag and share with you why they love it. Follow along for an insider’s guide to the best of MZ!

IMG_6302 copy WHO: Shelley


FAVORITE BAG: The ‘Desert Rain’ Gloria Tote

MZ: Why choose the Gloria model?

Shelley: I love the Gloria because I’m so often traveling and this tote holds everything I need: water bottle, tablet computer, wallet, and my MZ clutch with small essentials.

What about the design?

I picked this design because it is more modern with traditional elements, very simple and elegant.

Why do you love the color?

It’s really the blend of colors that I love, a neutral background with popping colors on the side, especially the turquoise.

IMG_6306 copy

Where is the best adventure you have had with this bag?

My best adventure is always my time spent in the village with the weavers and they love that I always have my bag with me.

Do you like to style it with anything in particular?

My style is always pretty casual and conservative, so this fits perfectly.

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