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Staff Pick: the ‘Prairie Skies’ Backpack

WHO: Hannah

POSITION: Marketing Manager

FAVORITE BAG: the “Prairie Skies” Backpack

MZ: What do you love about this bag?

Hannah: I am all about backpacks right now! To me they are practical meets tomboy-cute. No frills, nothing fancy, just great design and a carefree, stylish look.

Why do you love this model?

Our backpacks have tons of great features that get high marks in both style and substance. The wool is super sturdy and weather resistant, the leather is durable but soft with a rustic matte finish that I love, it can be cinched up at the top if I’m carrying a light load, or opened up to lie flat if i’m toting my laptop around. There’s a front pocket for easy access to keys, phone or chapstick and an inner zip pocket perfect for stashing important things like a passport or jewelry. AND the side zip pocket means I can access whatever I packed on the bottom without dumping everything out of the bag. What’s not to love?

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Why do you love this design?

The Prairie Skies carries many of the traditional Zapotec designs that remind me of one of my favorite places on the planet, Teotitlan del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico, where all of our bags are made. The geometric pyramids in a line at the top represent the ancient ruins of Monte Alban, which was the capitol of the Zapotec civilization. The central figure within the diamond is a butterfly motif, and the designs framing the diamond represents the agave plant, which is used for food, a fiber for weaving in ancient times and most importantly in my mind, to make mezcal.

Why do you love the color?

Dusty blue, rusty red, soft browns and greens … it’s earthy and subtle and light.

Do you like to style it with anything in particular?

Backpacks are obviously a more casual bag but I wouldn’t limit it to wear with only casual outfits. While it looks great with jeans and a sweater, I think a backpack looks really cute with a simple dress and boots, or shorts and a felt hat. It gives any look that “not trying too hard” feel that we sometimes try so hard to attain.

Why do you recommend it?

Great functionality and timeless style. Backpacks are back!

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Jun 17, 2017

I am looking for the “Mexican Sunset Backpack” by the artisan Malena Jimenez. My wife saw one in a shop while on vacation and I want to buy her one as a surprise for her birthday. The product code was 27-9070.

Robert Cowan

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