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Staff Pick: the ‘Shadow’ Palomita Fringe Bag

Our staff pick of the week is a huge favorite across the board. We have trouble keeping this ‘lil beauty in stock but MZ General Manager Liz was able to secure one for herself. We recommend you do the same, and quick!

WHO: Liz

POSITION: General Manager

FAVORITE BAG: the ‘Shadow’ Palomita Fringe Bag


MZ: What do you love about this bag?

Liz: The fringe on the Palomita makes it so much more fun than just your basic crossbody bag. I’m definitely “go go go” and utility is the most important thing to me. But that little extra touch of style on the Palomita makes it more than just a carryall.

Why do you love this model?

I love the Palomita because it’s big enough for all my daily stuff: my kindle, wallet, notebook, keys and sunglasses. But it’s also small enough that I can wear it when I go out and not feel like I’m having to drag around a huge purse.

Why do you love this design?

When we started MZ we focused mainly on the traditional designs from the village. I am absolutely in love with the work we have done with the weavers to take these traditional designs and give them a modern feel.


Why do you love the color?

The warm earth tones of this bag are just perfect! It’s an eye-catcher while still being totally subtle.

Do you like to style it with anything in particular?

I wear this bag with everything. I especially like it with simple jeans and a sweater. It’s a totally casual look that I can wear every day and I always snag at least one compliment

Why do you recommend it?

If you need something functional while still being fashionable the Palomita is the purse for you. It’s a simple and hip look whether going to the market or out on the town.


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