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Staff Pick: the ‘Sun + Sea’ Rocio Clutch

WHO: Icia

POSITION: Sales Manager

FAVORITE BAG: ‘Sun + Sea’ Rocio Clutch 


MZ: What do you love about this bag?

Icia: I love the wristlet. I am always on the go, taking care of what seems like a million things.  With the wristlet feature I can enjoy the cuteness of a clutch and still be able to use my hands!

Why does this model work for you?

For me I either use a big bag (Marisol or Paloma) when I need to bring lots of stuff and for every other occasion I use the Rocio. There is no ‘in between’. This clutch holds the essentials: wallet, lip gloss, phone, keys and it always goes with everything.

What do you love about the design?

I am really drawn to arrows, which feature strongly in a lot of the Zapotec designs. Not sure why but I love them!


What about the color?

The tealish blue is soothing and looks great with jeans. I love the pop of the different color arrows, especially the orange and red.

Do you like to style it with anything in particular?

Honestly I never change bags, I wear it with absolutely everything from jeans to a dress! It goes with everything and can easily be dressed up or down.

Why do you recommend it?

It is beautiful, functional, hip and fair trade :)


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