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The Stripe Design Group is not only one of our favorite clients but an outright gorgeous shop and design collective located in Santa Cruz and on the interwebs.  We have a special sweet spot for them because they were the very first retailer to sell our bags, but I have a feeling their immaculately curated collection of clothing, decor, and gifts will make you sweet on them too.

MZ caught up with Stripe to talk about what they do and why they do it.

MZ: What is your current inspiration for your aesthetic?  

We’re constantly inspired by simple, classic, and iconic fashion. We love a good pair of jeans or the perfect white shirt. For us it’s all about less is more, having one well-made piece versus five so-so made in China versions.


MZ: What are a few of your favorite spring things? 

For spring we’re loving simple and feminine. We love our Maguba clogs, selvage denim, and a feminine top. We’ve also been pampering ourselves with organic and herbal products from Herbivore Botanicals … their bamboo charcoal soap and luminous body oil are godsends.

MZ: In what way does Stripe support local designers?

Since we’ve opened we’ve always placed extreme importance on being a part of the community whether it be through Santa Cruz’s First Friday art tour or carrying local designer’s wares. We have a few wonderful craftspeople from the area in the store(s) right now. Jose Hernandez of Corral Made creates stunning leather bags we feature in Stripe & Stripe MEN. Local designer Sally Esposito has created gorgeous one of a kind peplum tops made of African waxed block print fabrics that are perfect for Spring.


MZ: What about fair trade or ethical companies?

We try our hardest to support fair trade companies by sourcing and supplying them in both stores. We then educate our sales staff and customers on the products furthering their knowledge and support on the companies and makers. Luckily, we are located in Santa Cruz where the average consumer places a higher interest in where and how products are being made.

MZ: How did you become connected with Manos Zapotecas?

Manos Zapotecas actually found us! A few years back we were visited in the store by the rep and it was a match made in heaven! We placed an order then and there and have been carrying the gorgeous hand woven bags, duffels, and pouches ever since.  With so many fast-flying trends in the industry, Manos Zapotecas with their support for the makers and their traditional woven patterns, colors, and beautiful materials will stand the test of time.

Check out STRIPE here!


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