The MZ Journal-Artisan Favorites-MZ

Artisan Favorites

We recently shared our staff's favorite bags with you, the ones we wouldn't leave the house without. The MZ artisans have bags that are the closest...

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The MZ Journal-Staff Favorites-MZ

Staff Favorites

While we never met an MZ bag we didn't like, there are a few that stand out as our top tier ... the bags that we use every single day or that we wo...

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The MZ Journal-Go West-MZ

Go West

Our latest collection of bags is inspired by the spirit, natural landscapes, and legacy of America's West. In order to capture the rough natural be...

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The MZ Journal-Oaxacan Holiday Punch Recipe-MZ

Oaxacan Holiday Punch Recipe

Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like a hot beverage in good company. In Oaxaca the drink of choice for the holiday season is a traditional ponc...

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The MZ Journal-Why Fair Trade?-MZ

Why Fair Trade?

October is Fair Trade Month, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to dig into what this widely-used term really means, and why this movem...

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The MZ Journal-The Spirit of Giving-MZ

The Spirit of Giving

Interview with Bernardo Sada Photos by Anna Bruce In September 2017, three 6+ magnitude earthquakes shook Mexico, the strongest of which hit the st...

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