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We are very excited to be partnering with and wanted to introduce to an awesome global marketplace called Teysha.

The word Teysha (Tay-sha), means friend and ally and comes from the Native Caddo people of Texas, which is also the homeland of Teysha. The Caddos and the surrounding tribes joined together to preserve their homeland. Inspired by this story of unity, we realized that as allies, we, too, are stronger. Since the beginning, we were joined by allies who believed in working together to create positive change, and who believed in taking the path less traveled.

By partnering with communities, we seek to bring more opportunities to the world, in creative employment for the artisans and in ethically and beautifully handcrafted goods for you. We believe the world can be more vibrant, more unified, and more caring, and it begins as simply as understanding the roots of our clothing – the people and stories behind them.

Teysha recognizes indigenous art forms, traditional artisans, and the world’s own ability to catalyze positive change. When you wear and share these art forms, you become an ally, telling the stories, celebrating the creativity, and expanding the opportunities for communities worldwide.

We love this mission and just as much, we love their colorful and artisanal offerings from around the globe.

From their signature Guate Boots, which are cute leather combat-style boots featuring stunning Guatemalan textiles, to blouses, accessories, and home decor, they are purveyors of wearable art. The kaleidoscopic colors, tribal prints, and very wearable styles make Teysha a festival favorite.

Teysha will be adding MZ bags to their mix for some fun upcoming festivals. Check out their website to learn more!

Here are some photos from their booth at the  Austin City Limits festival:

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