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The Future of Ethical Fashion

Ecouterre, a website devoted to the future of sustainable fashion design, just put out a great collection of predictions for eco-fashion in the new year from stakeholders within the industry. I’ve collected a few of my favorite excerpts below, for easy inspiration in making your wardrobe more socially and environmentally sustainable.

simone cipriani

Simone Cipriani

In the top segment of fashion, [I predict] a growing and unstoppable desire for authenticity and uniqueness, whereby consumers will demand real fashion which is about original products with strong artisanal content.

– Simone Cipriani, Head of the International Trade Centre’s Ethical Fashion Initiative

olivia firth

Livia Firth

In 2015, we will all finally realize that the one action we perform every day—getting dressed—matters not only because of the way it makes us look or feel, but mostly because of the massive repercussions on the environment and the people at the end of its supply chain.

– Livia Firth, Creative Director of Eco-Age

Orsola de Castro

Orsola de Castro

As consumers are made increasingly aware that both fast fashion and fast luxury are responsible for unethical fashion, I predict the resurrection of the artisan, as we collectively look into our heritage, as well as innovation, for sustainable solutions.

Our clothes are our chosen skin and what we wear matters. Let’s make our fashion choices change the world in 2015.

– Orsola de Castro, co-founder Estethica at London Fashion Week

Sarah Ditty

Sarah Ditty

In 2015, we’ll also see a lot more storytelling, with designers and brands eager to share their commitments to the environment and to the people that make fashion. The greatest luxury of all will become things that are made by hand, especially amongst the emerging consuming classes in rapidly developing China and Brazil, who appear to have an appetite for luxury, innovation, and provenance. Much greater value will be given to exquisite artisanal skills.

– Sarah Ditty, Editor-in-chief, Source Intelligence, Ethical Fashion Forum

Sass Brown

Sass Brown

Consumers will realize the power they have through purchasing, and will instead seek to invest their hard earned dollars on cool, cutting-edge fashions that support local designers, or far flung artisans, thereby building a material connection to their purchases, making it much more likely to repair or re-gift than discard them.

-Sass Brown, Author and Publisher of Eco-Fashion Talk, Associate Dean of the Fashion Institute of Technology

David Dietz

David Dietz

This year will be the year of connectedness. Not just in terms of technology, but with our purchases, particularly our fashion.

We live in a world where we are in touch with everyone but connected to very few, where we have everything but value little.

Fortunately, this will change.

2015 will see an acceleration of connecting to each other and what we buy in a meaningful way.

As we look for fashion that is unique and special we will find a connection to what we wear.

The stories behind our clothing, how and where it is made, will become more and important.

The chance to connect our clothing to our values and see the positive impact we can have both for the environment and our communities will deepen this bond.

Monotonous mass commercialization will be replaced by the “year of the designer” as we look to local artisans, emerging designers, and brands that are making a difference and connecting us to our communities through fashion.

– David Dietz, Founder Modavanti


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