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The Palomita


IMG_1611-2We are so excited to announce a new bag style that has been added to our line-up, the Palomita.

She is the baby sister of our popular fringe bag, the Paloma. We received lots of requests from customers and buyers across the country asking for a smaller fringe bag and we have spent the past few months whipping up the new, sleeker cross-body without sacrificing the movement and style characterized by the Paloma.


The Palomitas are the size of our Luisa cross-body purses (4” x 6” x 9”), with a leather fringe down both sides, now available in six different patterns!

We might be jumping the gun a tad by saying this, but we think this will be your perfect bag for a breezy spring day and summer festivals.

Very limited amount in-stock, but available for pre-order now on the website.


'Natural Chevrons' Palomita

‘Natural Chevrons’ Palomita

'Mountain Chevrons' Palomita

‘Mountain Chevrons’

'Blue Arrows' Palomita

‘Blue Arrows’ Palomita

Dusky Sky Palomita

Dusky Sky Palomita

'Mints + Diamond' Palomita

‘Mints + Diamond’ Palomita

'Dark Arrows' Palomita

‘Dark Arrows’ Palomita


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