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The True Cost of Fast Fashion


Feeling under the weather recently gave me an opportunity to [finally] watch ‘The True Cost,’ an artfully made documentary analyzing the global fashion industry and its affect on the millions of human lives on which its profits depend.

This movie takes a closer look at this multi-faceted issue that has been blasted into the global consciousness following the series of disasters within the fashion industry, most famously at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, which took the lives of over 1000 garment workers.

How is it that I can go into a mall and buy a shirt for $5? A pair of shoes for $10?

‘The True Cost’ uncovers how price tags are kept so incredibly low, and who is actually paying. In an honest and easy-to-understand way, this film analyzes the broken system of the fashion industry and how we can possibly mend it.

Now available on Netflix.


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