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The Weaving Process

In the ancient village of Teotitlán del Valle near Oaxaca, Mexico, skilled artisans continue to create beautiful, handwoven crafts in culturally rich designs.

Walking into a family home in Teotitlán puts you back in time. The people live in simple, adobe houses and employ the same weaving methods and attention to detail as they did hundreds of years ago.

Family members work most of their days in the time-intensive weaving process, spinning and dying their own raw wool.  After a thorough washing, they use two carding paddles with metal teeth to separate, stretch, and soften the wool fibers. Then, they spin the wool into yarn usually on a traditional spinning wheel.

Large treadle looms and skeins of yarn in every imaginable color fill the weavers’  homes.  Natural dyes (made from products such as plants, fruits and flowers) and aniline dyes produce beautifully subtle tones that are long-lasting and colorfast.

All wool and cotton products are hand-washable with gentle care.

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