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Gifts for the Minimalist

Gifts for the Minimalist

Minimal and functional designs, perfect for the ones that like to keep it simple.
Off-White Wool Clutch With Gray And Blue Zapotec Lightning Designs

Clouds Clutch

Woman Holding Black Wool Clutch Purse With Zapotec Arrow Design In Beige And Red With Leather Wrist Strap

Midnight Arrow Wristlet Clutch

Woman Holding Wool Clutch Purse Featuring Zapotec Lightning Design In Shades Of Brown, Tan And Cream

Sierra Norte Clutch

Woman Wearing Brown Leather Mini Backpack with Woven Pocket Featuring Zapotec Design In Blue And Gray

Brillas Mini Backpack

Woman Wearing Blonde Leather Mini Backpack With Zapotec Diamond Designs In Blue, Gray, Yellow And Cream With Adjustable Leather Strap

Onyx Mini Backpack

Blonde Leather Laptop Sleeve With Zapotec Diamond & Butterfly Designs In Undyed Wool

Quartz Laptop Sleeve

Blonde Leather Backpack With Zapotec Diamond Designs In Indigo And Blue On Cream Wool Panel

Indigo Diamond Backpack

Close Up Of Woman Wearing Leather And Wool Backpack Featuring Zapotec Diamond Design In Red And Black On Gray With Black Leather

Torch Backpack

Woman Walking With Large Wool Shoulder Bag Featuring Zapotec Arrow Design On Beige With Blonde Leather Sides And Handles

Straight as an Arrow Large Shoulder Bag

Cream Wool Tote Bag With Zapotec Arrow Designs In Black, Teal, And Red

Obsidian Arrow Bucket Tote