What is the best way to clean and care for my MZ item?

MZ Bags + Pillow Covers:

Caring for our premium wool, handcrafted items is easy ! For every day cleaning we suggest a cashmere brush. These are readily available online and in most craft and yarn stores. For more intensive cleaning we recommend dry cleaning only as the items are 100% wool.

MZ Rugs:

Vacuum a couple of times a month.

Occasionally (annually or biannually) rotate/ flip over the rug, so that it receives even wear.

Blot and remove any stains immediately.

Every few years, professionally clean, especially if foot traffic is high.



What types of dyes do you use?

Our artisan partners utilize aniline dyes (in order to achieve vibrant color palettes) and natural dyes, including indigo. Learn more about the process here!



Why Fair Trade ?

Fair Trade supports communities in developing countries that are socially and economically marginalized. MZ is proud to be a part of the ethical and slow fashion movement. Your purchase supports our mission to provide fair wages to all of our artisan partners. In return, you receive a high-quality, handcrafted item that you can feel good about and is made to last!



How many artisans do you work with?

MZ currently works with approximately 50 families in the Oaxaca Valley. We constantly endeavor to widen our artisan base in this area. Learn more about our core group of artisan partners here!



What percentage goes to your artisan partners?

Our artisan partners receive 45% to 56% of the wholesale price of our items.



Where do the designs come from?

MZ works closely with our artisan partners on design and color. Most patterns are ancient symbols from the architecture surrounding Oaxaca. These images have been woven into rugs and other objects for hundreds of years. Our style team works closely with the artisans on color and new takes on ancient themes. Learn more about traditional Zapotec symbols here!



Do you accept custom requests?

We accept custom requests on case by case basis from our wholesale customers, with approval from our artisan partners. We require a minimum order of 10 items per custom design.



Where do you ship from and what is the delivery time?

All orders ship from Northern California. We are able to ship large MTO (made to order) purchases directly from Mexico.

In stock delivery time:  All in stock items will be shipped within 1-2 business days. We ship with USPS and UPS.

Pre-order delivery time:  Please note all estimated ship dates on product pages.

For complete details on shipping, including international shipping and rates, please see here.

Have a different question?

 Feel free to contact us at info@mzfairtrade.com

 We are always happy to help!